Step One: Submit Application Packet Which Includes Resume, Cover Letter and Letters of Recommendation

The following may be helpful information before you submit your resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation:

  • Google Account: When you select Submit Application Packet, you will be redirected to a Google Form. If you are not already signed into Google, you will be prompted to do so. If you do not have a Google (Gmail) account, you can create one here.

  • Keep Going: Set aside an hour for this process (writing your cover letter and organizing your resume and letters of recommendation). Once you select Submit Application Packet, you will need to finish. Your answers will not be saved until you select Submit at the bottom of the form.

  • Cover Letter: Write your cover letter in a different document and copy and paste the contents into this section. Do not compose your cover letter directly into the form. If you lose a connection, you will lose your cover letter.

  • Upload Resume: Make sure your resume is saved as a word doc or PDF. Keep the formatting simple (no fancy features or photos) because it needs to be under 1 MB. To really stand out, include any extracurricular activities you sponsor, any awards or additional certifications you have. If you have your AZ Teacher Certification, please include this on your resume.

  • Upload Three Letters of Recommendation OR Three References: You may choose who writes your letters, but colleagues, supervisors, parents and students are all great choices. You will be asked to upload them one at a time. Just like the resume, your size limit is 1 MB per file so keep them simple. You may chose to substitute three references instead of the letters. Or you can do a combination of both totaling three letters/references.

  • Finished!: When you finish, a copy of your submissions will be emailed to you using the email you have listed on your Google Account. Check that email and make sure you are happy with the submission. If you are not, you will be given an opportunity to edit.

  • Moving Forward: We will be scoring application packets on multiple factors including certifications, experiences (teaching and non), keywords which align to our values, etc. We will also be scoring based on our needs. We anticipate a large number of applications and will be moving a small percentage of applicants forward. We only have 19 open positions.

  • Keep The Faith: If you do not move on, do not assume you will never hear from us again. We will be working on staffing for a month (or more) and will loop back with applicants as needed. We understand that contracts are due in many districts in March and are making every attempt to expedite our staffing decisions.

  • If you have any technical issues, email us here.

If after reading all of this you still want to apply, we can’t wait to hear from you!