Application Process

This is an incredible professional opportunity. It offers the most autonomy, creativity, respect and financial reward of any teaching job in the area. However, these benefits also come with an equal amount of responsibility, ambiguity and demand. We are looking for self-directed, collaborative and confident educators that are up for this challenge.

We use a multiple step selection process to discover just the right educators to join our learning community.


Step One: Submit application packet which includes resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation.

We begin with a resume, reference and cover letter review. This helps us ensure applicants are qualified based on experience, certification and professional goals. To upload required documents, applicant must have a Google account.


Step 2: Written performance task.

Applicants that move to step two are invited to provide written answers to a series of questions that help determine if applicants are philosophically aligned to our learning community.


Step 3: In person performance task.

The final step for applicants that move through to step three is to meet face-to-face with the hiring committee. This meeting includes an interview and a group interaction exercise with other candidates.